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Pete Scarem
567 North Randolph Street
North Randolph, VT 45897
P: (888)888-8888
e: [email]
Mr. Sam Williams
Vermont Daily News
564 Commerce Way
Burlington, VT 09865
Dear Mr. Williams,
For the past 20+ years, I have religiously read the Vermont Daily News, and looked for your column on various lifestyle events in the state. More recently, I found your discussion of Burlington commerce and the influx of tourism very compelling; and with this enthusiasm, I know I can add value to the reporting excellence that your paper commits to on a daily basis. Like you, I understand the value of Burlington’s benefit to the state as a thriving center of people, places, and events; while also understanding that the rest of state should not go unnoticed in news events and interest.
Like you, I attended the University of Vermont, and have been a dedicated Vermont native all my life. My passion for journalism began in high school when I ran the school paper, and has since then-become a well-developed talent and experience through college editorial and then my two past positions as Editor for the Burlington Press and Burlington Arts Venue, respectively.
I would love the opportunity of possibly meeting with you to get industry insight and advice on fine-tuning my career, as you have-if you have time. As mentioned, I am an avid follower of your column, and would love any information you could lend me as regards career growth and development-especially, as regards the Vermont environment.
I will be in Burlington, VT two weeks from now; and would love to be able to schedule some time with you if your schedule avails; to critique my writing samples and offer advice as regards career direction. Please let me know if this is a possibility. I can be reached at the following contact: 999-999-9999.
Thanks again for your time and consideration of meeting with me.
Best Regards,
Pete Scarem

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