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Applying for an internship to enhance your experience level and resume qualifications for future career positions is a beneficial approach to many positions. This said, you must know how to actually create an application that qualifies an applicant for an internship. Below is a sample internship cover letter to help you with your career application success.
Lulu Stevens
Harvard University
6 Harvard Street
Cambridge, MA 87567
cell: 555-555-5555
September 27, 2007
Lisa Cullinane
Pottery Owner
Great Gifts Pottery
65 Right Place
Cambridge, MA 87567
Dear Ms. Cullinane,
I am interested in applying for the pottery internship position that was recently listed on Careerbuilder, and submit my qualifications for your review.
Briefly, I am at present a student at Harvard University working towards a BA in Pottery Arts; and have the goal of becoming a pottery business owner, such as yourself-after graduation. To this end, I have taken a wide variety of pottery classes to include a variety of genres, glaze experimentation, and pottery studies. I have completed all with success, and look to add a business perspective to my talent for, experience in, and study of pottery as a science and art.
Moreover, I have experience working as a sales associate and offering minimal production help in a city pottery, on a part time basis-while I attend classes and finish my degree. With this opportunity at your pottery shop, I hope to round out all of my experience and education, and learn all I can about making and sustaining a successful pottery shop, such as Great Gifts Pottery.
I am more than confident that my skills, education, passion for the art, and dedication to hard work are the perfect fit for your internship opportunity. Thank you for your consideration.
Lulu Stevens

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