Invited Cover Letter

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An invited cover letter is one in which the applicant has been invited to apply for a position specifically through a contact or colleague from the company, and wants this specified for consideration. This is the best way to format a cover letter when you have been invited to apply:

Jimmy Great
67 Lakeside Avenue
Lakeview, NY 10234
(xxx) xxx-xxxx
January 6, 200_
Ms. Jane Houser
Hospitality Supervisor
Residence Suites
365 Residence Drive
Lakeview, NY 10234
Dear Ms. Houser:
I am applying to your ad for a Janitor in the Sunday, June 21, 2008 edition of the Boston Herald. I submit my interest as I have many years in janitorial services and offer the skill set, superior work ethic, and enthusiasm this position requires.
The Residence Suites is a stellar hotel chain, in which I have had the joy of spending time in as a consumer; as well as hearing wonderful things about the business as an employer. It is a leader in the hospitality industry, and I look forward to adding my talents, experience, and commitment to high operational standards to the success of this chain. I have over 20 years in the janitorial industry-offering my cleaning and operational services in both a managerial and team associate to the optimum result of the establishments.
I believe it would be greatly beneficial to us both-for a meeting regarding this position, in which we can discuss my career experience, personal recommendations, and skill set in more detail. Please let me know a time that might suit you best. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.
Sincerely, Jimmy Great

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