Part Time Job Cover Letter

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One type of job position that an applicant may be looking to fill is a part time position. In the below sample, we offer a view of how a call for a part time position should be approached with a part time job cover letter.
Wyatt Johnston
613 Green Street
Biloxi, MI 88675
Charlie Harper
West Coast Chiropractic Care
16 Fairway Circle
Biloxi, MI 88675
May 22, 2009
Dear Mr. Harper,
I am interested in the part-time position Administrative position advertised in the Sunday edition of Biloxi News, and have submitted my qualifications in a recent copy of my resume.
Briefly, I have worked in professional Administrative Assistant positions for the past ten years, both for medical/dental environments. In this time, I was responsible for all incoming communications, prescriptions, med supplies, office supplies, and confirming of signed documents. Moreover, I was chief office manager in that I was responsible for the successful operations of all office needs, such as answering phones, checking voicemail, email communications, faxing, and sample submission. I feel this-in conjunction with my enthusiasm for the Chiropractic Care industry-well qualifies me for the open position as advertised.
I thank you very much for your consideration, and can be reached at 111-111-1111 or 222-222-2222. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
Wyatt Johnston

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