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Lily Sumore
14 Winning Drive
Washington, D.C.
(777) 777-7777
November 22, 2007
Ms. Julie Simmonds
CEO/Travel Director
Esteemed Travel Corp
6790 Parkway Terrace
Washington, D.C.
Dear Ms. Simmonds:
I am interested in the Travel Coordinator position advertised on Esteemed Travel Corp’s website. My resume and requested documents are enclosed for your review. With my related experience and skills in mind, I would appreciate your consideration for this job position, as my qualifications are an ideal match for this position.

Your Requirements
•Customer service, troubleshooting, and handling of all public relations concerns at this location.
•Facilitating the most convenient and pleasant means of travel for our customers through our various services and products.
•Running the location as a manager, and handling all concerns and maintenance with ownership.
•Selling vertically and also with add on initiatives as they apply to customer service.
•Valid state drivers license, and good driving record.
•Well-versed in all travel industry concepts and functions.

My Qualifications
•Stellar experience in customer service of ten years in various positions and industries.
•Troubleshooting and versatility skills when it comes to offering various alternative services for customer convenience.
•Perfect driving record and Delaware driving license.
•Winning track record of improving company profit through up selling technique in all previous companies of employment.
•Have over ten years in the travel and hospitality management industries and know all there is to know about the key concepts and functions of consumer travel.
Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to speaking with you further regarding this position.
Lily Sumore

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