Uninvited Cover Letter

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An uninvited cover letter is just a general cover letter inquiry to a company that an applicant would like to work for, but there isn’t at present, a position which suits their interest and career qualifications. In this case, a person would submit what is called a cold cover letter or an uninvited cover letter. Below, is a sample cover letter of this function and title.
June 24, 2010
Caroline Jacobs
Success International
32 American Avenue
Springfield, IL 98700
Dear Ms. Jacobs:
I write to introduce myself as Shiloh Parks, a current student of the University of Illinois. I expect to receive my Bachelor’s degree in English Communications in May 2010, and am writing to explore the possibility of working in this capacity for your firm, Success International.
In the past four years at the University of Illinois, I have had the opportunity to take a number of Communications courses which I believe, have prepared me for an entry level position as a Copywriter at your company. I have learned a number of writing methods and genres to include technical, persuasive, and advertising copywriting; and am enthusiastic to put this learning and my general knack for the art of persuasive writing to work for the long term success of Success International.
I would love the opportunity to discuss how my education and experience can benefit your organization. I will follow up next week to this end, if this is a possibility. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.
Shiloh Parks

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