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Micheal Hemingway
4328 Wayside Lane
San Francisco, CA 94108

Ms. Beatrice Gilkey
Rogers Park Montessori School
4084 Stanton Hollow Road
Needham, MA 2192

Dear Ms. Beatrice Gilkey,

I would like to be considered for the school administrative assistant position that was recently vacated at your school Rogers Park Montessori School. I have attached my resume for your convenience and perusal.

I have earned an associate’s degree in education and have worked as an administrative assistant for over four years now and had one semester as an intern while in college. I have the ability to help the school run effectively and am highly organized and can multitask when needed. I am good with children and can also speak with parents in order to gain their cooperation with either helping their children or paying any fees that are owed.

In my previous employ I was responsible for keeping up to date on the progress of all students’ educational goals and progress and maintained the database that held these numbers. I also organized and controlled all inventories that were necessary for day to operations as well as all educational materials for the instructors. I also helped to organize all events including sports schedules, field trips and concerts and plays.

It was my responsibility to help set and implement safety standards for the school and to ensure that staff and parents understood the role that they play in keeping the children safe. I also ensured that everyone involved complied with all school guidelines and rules at all times.

It would be wonderful to have the chance to sit with you directly and discuss your needs and how I can fulfill them for you.

Please feel free to contact me at (111)-615-1907.



Micheal Hemingway

Encl: Resume

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