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Antoinette Pedersen
2835 Golden Street
Miami, FL 33143

Oct 23, 2010

Mr. Rosario Roberts
Marriott Stores
3308 Stout Street
Quarryville, PA 17566

Dear Mr. Roberts,

With this cover letter and enclosed resume, I humbly submit my application for your Storekeeper position at Marriott Stores. I have attached my resume at your request.

I found your exciting opportunity on and knew that I needed to apply-both for my love of your store, as well as my experience with the tasks you mentioned. I have been a Storekeeper for Majestic Park Plaza for the past four years with the key responsibilities being: handling all customer transactions, determining sales goals, communications with staff and owners, merchandising and cleaning, as well as taking bank deposits to bank. I know how to restock, help customers, perform cashier operations, and hire new employees. I wish to bring this wealth of experience to your store.

I ask that you get in touch at this number: (123)-582-9821 to schedule an interview. I am very eager to discuss this position further, and thank you for your potential response.



Antoinette Pedersen

Encl: Resume

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