Transferable Skills Cover Letter Example

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Often, in applying for a job position, it is beneficial to show that you have transferable skills to offer a position or industry-especially, if you are changing careers or types of positions. The best way to address this is by approaching an employer with a transferable skills cover letter. Below, we show a working example of how this should be formatted.
Shiela Cotton
Regal Timeshares
145 South Main Street
Birmingham, AL 88765
Dear Ms. Cotton,
In six years working for the Retail Fashion industry, I have developed the strong sales skills and necessary attributes required of the applicant you seek to fill your Sales Representative with. For this-as well as my love for sales and real estate-I submit my candidacy for your open Sales Representative position.
Beyond sales skills that have been demonstrated and proven through a successful track record, I offer stellar communications skills, real estate knowledge, and analytic skills. What’s more I am a hard worker, team leader/player, and know how to make the sale when the stakes are large and perhaps, the sale difficult. I believe that as a Sales Representative for Regal Timeshares I could prove my aptitude for sales and business to an overwhelming degree, and add significant revenue to your bottom line. Here is a review of my professional skills:
•Understanding all kinds of customers, and offering a wide range of respective products to their needs.
•Selling to customers a wide range of products and services.
•Building strategic relationships with departments, real estate agents, and clients.
•Initiating plans for increasing profits through new and existing clients.
•Proficiency in all specialized and general computer software and applications.
Thank you very much for your time, and I welcome the opportunity of an interview to discuss in more detail how experience and transferable skills can add optimum value, revenue, and benefit to Regal Timeshares.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Lauren Hirod

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