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Michael Pullin
27 Single Street
Canton, MA 2021

Nov 8, 2010

Mr. Charles Melendez
Page Productions
4891 Goldleaf Lane
Newark, NJ 7102

Dear Mr. Melendez,

I am seeking an entry level position at your production company as a TV Runner. My resume has been attached to this letter for your consideration. It is my understanding that this is the bottom rung of the production totem pole and I am perfectly happy with that aspect of the job.

While I do not have a degree as of yet, I am currently enrolled in university and I am working towards my degree in broadcasting. I am seeking this position for spare money and to get my foot in the door of the television production business. I am willing to do whatever is asked of me and I will work all of the hours required.

I am an honest and genuine person and bring an enthusiasm to work every day that I am scheduled to work. You will not find anyone who is more ready to do what is required of me at the drop of a hat. I know that any production company needs to have a full team to get through each day. For this reason, I know that I would be an asset to your team. Please call me at (333)-302-1486 in order to set up an interview so I can further discuss my skills.


Michael Pullin

Michael Pullin

Resume Attached as MS Word Document

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