Two Column Cover Letter

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A two-column cover letter format is one which uses two columns to highlight an overview of an applicant’s skills and career experience. It is a slight variation from the standard block cover letter format; and can often, work to the benefit of the applicant depending on their career history and experience.
Human Resources Director
Starsky Hutchinson
67 Mobarker Street
Juneau, AL
Re: Posting of Human Resources Associate
Dear Mr. Hutchinson:
When I saw your advertisement for a Human Resources Associate in the Personnel Department of Saturn Car Services, I immediately noticed that your requirements speak directly to my experience, talent, education, and skills.
While my enclosed resume provides an overview of my strengths and achievements, I have also listed the specific skill and experience requirements for the position as posted below for your review:

You require:
Ability to review candidates against open positions.
Ability to organize candidates files in their particular categories: hiring, firing, or otherwise Understanding of team playing significance to an HR Department as well as taking initiative Communications skills for clients and employees
I offer:
Experience in the Human Resources field reviewing candidate resumes on a daily basis.
Experience overseeing a number of files on candidates and current employees, and ensured proper organization of them.
Motivated team of personnel department with team playing activities to optimize department efficiency, by initiating the project Fantastic interpersonal communication skills in all environments

Due to the fact that my experience and expertise fit your requirements, I am one of the best candidates for your position. This said, I would like to call you next week for a possible interview to discuss my career experience. Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to speaking with you further.
Julie Andrew

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