Warehouse Operator Cover Letter

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Dear Mr. Smith,

I just recently saw an ad that was running in the San Diego Tribune for a Warehouse Operator and would like to apply for this position. The company I was employed at previously has suffered from the financial crisis that has affected many in these times and I now find myself without a job. Attached to this letter is my resume for your convenience.

I do not have any formal training but have worked in warehouses in one aspect or another for more than fifteen years. My certifications and experience include as a forklift operator and heavy crane operator. I understand that inventory is important and I am well versed with computers and keeping an electronic ledger of what is on the warehouse floor, what is being shipped and what has been sent out already.

I have great communication skills and can motivate my team to get the day’s work completed in order to help the company stay on schedule. My background includes working with perishables and items that have a time stamp.

It would be great to be able to speak with you in full about my experience and to illustrate what a great member of this team I would be. You can reach me to schedule a time by calling (555)-555-5555.



Helen Santacruz

Encl: Resume

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