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Skilled Account Development Manager Job Description

The job of an account development manager involves maintaining and building customer relationships, developing customer base with excellent support and implementation of customer relations programs, acting as lead sales expert (usually in initializing and closing sales), preparing annual Business Development Plan of the company, defining yearly targets, implementing strategies for new services and products as well as analyzing business needs and providing new opportunities for growth. The Account Development Manager works closely with the company’s CEO, operations and sales teams.

Education/Experience Requirements

A successful candidate must possess a Bachelor’s degree or at least 3-5 years professional client relationship management experience. Experience in a sales organization and operations a plus, but not required.


Ability to communicate technical products and operations programs, strong analytical skills, exceptional communication skills, ability to handle multiple projects and staff members, ability to work well under pressure, work with others in a team and take initiative in a dynamic environment.

Specific work elements

Conducting strategic account reviews, developing corporate brand strategy, identifying customer needs, delivering ongoing market analysis, market intelligence and competition assessment, supporting, servicing and managing account-related needs, developing marketing tools for clients, building referral and lead generation networks, addressing client concerns and handling calls that require manager involvement.

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