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Organized Cash Office Assistant Job Description


A cash office assistant is responsible for handling checks, cash, and money orders. With their consent, cash office assistants make cash readily available to clients, employees and other individuals who need to process financial documents. Banks, stores, and other financial institutions need cash office assistants to operate smoothly.


The main task of a cash office assistant is to collect checks, cash, and money orders. Cash office assistants are also responsible for recording incoming and outgoing funds, and keeping these funds in a secured place until they are deposited. There are industries that impose a numbering system in order to record and count the daily transactions. For instance, some keep a receipt tape to easily count and monitor the daily transactions. In some industries such as banks, a cash office assistant may also be assigned to perform endorsement duties. An endorsement from a cash office assistant is needed for the processing of checks money orders, personal checks, and cashier’s checks. This endorsement is normally given through a form of stamp and is dated appropriately for legal compliance purposes. Cash office assistants also play a significant role when it comes to receipts. This is important in receiving payments through check, cash or money order. There are cases when a cash office assistant may be tasked to conduct investigations on financial irregularities.

Education and Training Requirements

To become a cash office assistant, one should obtain a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or a business related field. This position may not require a post-college degree as this is often given to entry level employees. Some companies may provide a certain set of standards such as years of experience in the field, completion of training or certification of MS Office applications.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A cash office assistant is expected to be good enough in basic math that is a necessity on computing the incoming and outgoing funds. Strong problem-solving skills may also be required. A cash office assistant is also expected to be familiar with some important laws and internal rules imposed on funds disbursements.

Working Conditions

Normally, a cash office assistant renders work inside an office for 40 hours a week. This may be a difficult job for some as it involves monitoring an organization or company’s finances. This is a crucial post for any organization or company. The cash office assistant serves as the in-house auditor of the office.


On the average, cash office assistants earn $46,000 in the United States depending on the company, industry, location, benefits and experience.

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