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Skilled Accounting Office Manager Job Description

The job of an accounting office manager involves maintaining accounting and payroll records for areas assigned and developing, analyzing and interpreting statistical and accounting information. He/she is also assigned to record daily business and advice the management about accounting principles, practices and procedures along the guidelines established by the company and current laws.

Education/Experience Requirements

A successful candidate must possess 2-4 years college in accounting, business administration or a related course, plus at least 2 years professional accounting experience. Many companies require candidates to have supervisory experience.


Good decision-making abilities, excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong problem-solving and analytical skills, and proven leadership skills. He/she should be highly capable of multi-tasking, working well under pressure and keeping up-to-date with area-specific business ethics, legal documents and accounting trends, applications and programs.

Specific work elements

Delegating, supervising and reviewing responsibilities of subordinates, keeping detailed books, accounts and records of the company, maintaining internal accounting controls, hiring and training personnel required in achieving accounting goals, monitoring account receivables and solving payment problems, making recommendations about new accounting programs and performing other duties assigned by management.

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