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Detail-oriented Branch Operations Manager Job Description


A Branch Operations Manager is responsible for the entire operation of a branch; from ensuring the attainment of sales goals to overseeing everyone provides excellent customer service. Branch operations managers also ensure that the branch office has all the tools and infrastructure needed to keep it in working order.


A Branch Operations Manager’s task typically include ensuring a smooth branch operation; acting as the main custodian of the branch; liaising with the main office to enhance operational activities of the branch, soliciting new business and managing existing clients. They are responsible for supporting the Branch Manager in developing a local market sales plan, working with all branch personnel to meet or exceed the annual sales target, preparing and presenting a clear and persuasive sales presentation to customers, and negotiating with customers to enhance profitability. Branch operations managers also work by providing outstanding customer service, representing the branch on meetings, taking care of escalated client concerns and reporting sales activities, which include lead tracking, call log management, commission requests, expense reports, submission of proposals, job modeling, and profit forecasting. Branch operations managers also ensure the premises are clean and orderly, and check all equipment and make sure they are in good working condition.

Education and Training Requirements

Branch Operations Manager must have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Marketing, Mass Communications, Psychology, Information Systems, Hospitality or Hotel Management, or any related course. A minimum of three to five years of experience in management, or merchandising is often required. High school students interested in taking up a career as a Branch Operations Manager would benefit from taking courses in English, Business, Computers and Mathematics.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A Branch Operations Manager must be an outstanding leader and has excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills. He/she should be able to conceptualize sales projections, and motivate the team into attaining these goals. Branch operations managers should also be highly analytical and well organized, proficient with the use of computers and related software, are customer service oriented; and have strong decision-making and problem solving skills.

Working Conditions

Branch Operations Manager works in an office setting, often working a 40-hour week. They may work longer hours to meet deadlines. Depending on the industry, some positions may require physical activity and exposure to external weather conditions. Physical activities may include bending, climbing, crouching, and other mechanically related physical demands.


The median salary of a Branch Operations Manager is $59,000 per year. This varies greatly depending on the size of the company, the size of the branch, location, industry involved in, experience, and benefits. Some Branch Operations Managers receive a bonus, which may or may not be tied to the overall performance of the branch.

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