Proactive Branch Store Manager Job Description


Branch store managers are responsible for the operational, financial and customer service performances of a certain branch location. They are in charge of assuring that the entire branch adheres to the objectives, goals, rules and regulations of the company.


A branch store manager improves operational systems, polices and processes in support of the company’s mission; and pays significant attention to organization systems such as information flow and management, business processes and procedures, organizational planning and management reporting. The branch store manager also manages and increases the efficiency of support services such as human resources, IT and finance departments; coordinates and communicates well between different department functions. He/she drives initiative in the management team; develops individual program budgets; handles payroll; conducts regular meetings with executive directors as well as other top management officials regarding fiscal planning. Branch store managers also oversee organizational insurance policies; develop annual business plans; represent branch in operations meetings when necessary; and contribute to long-term and short-term organizational planning and strategies.

Education and Training Requirements

A bachelor’s degree with emphasis on a business related course is the minimum educational requirement for a branch store manager. Significant experience in terms of handling management facilities is also essential. Training in dealing with customer service relations also matter as well. Companies prefer candidates with an MBA in operations management or two business-related field.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A branch store manager must have excellent computer skills and strong written and verbal communicating skills. He must demonstrate extraordinary leadership skills and maintain a vision for the company. He must have a collaborative management style and be able to engage in different depertment levels. Interpersonal skills should also be present to a branch store manager. He must able to handle a fast paced and community environment and be able to analyze problems quickly and efficiently.

Working Conditions

A branch store manager follows a standard 40-hour a week schedule. Overtime during evenings, weekends and holidays may be necessary especially when his/her branch needs to meet deadlines. He often enjoys a clean, pleasant, well-lit and well-ventilated office environment. He rarely needs to travel, as he is primarily confined in one location. Business or formal attire is often required in this line of work.


A branch store manager’s average annual salary is $59,000. Factors such as location, size and the industry his company employer is involved in may contribute to the difference in his salary. Other factors such as, educational attainment, training, experience and level of responsibilities also matter as well. Benefites may depend on the company employer.

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