Front Desk Agent Job Description

A front desk agent performs receptionist and customer service work for a resort or hotel, helping to represent a business in the best way possible. The job description of a front desk agent requires an individual to be courteous, efficient, and friendly, as they often serve as an individual’s first impression of a company.

Position Description

A front desk agent answers phones, responds to emails, performs basic clerical duties, books reservations, handles customer inquiries, and solves any problems that may arise, ultimately helping to foster a positive image of a company.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Front Desk Agent

Welcomes customers and guests.
Answers phone calls.
Reads and responds to company emails.
Assists customers in making reservations.
Maintains schedules and reservation records.
Processes visitor check-in and checkout information at hotels.
Assigns rooms and suites to guests.
Draws up and reviews customer billing statements.
Processes customer and guest payments.
Keeps work space clean and orderly.
Sends and receives faxes.
Files guest records.
Performs other miscellaneous clerical duties as necessary.
Resolves customer issues and complaints.
Transfers calls to relevant staff or departments.
Refers customers and guests to management when necessary.
Provides directions to local restaurants, museums, and other attractions to hotel guests visiting from out of town.
Passes out brochures and pamphlets regarding the hotel or resort’s amenities.
Describes details of services and amenities to visitors.
Distributes and collects customer satisfaction surveys.
Sends follow-up emails after a guest’s visit to ensure that everything went smoothly.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills.
Communicates clearly and effectively.
Works well with other hotel and resort staff to optimize guest experience.
Maintains friendly, professional, and outgoing demeanor.
Exhibits strong organizational and time management skills.
Pays close attention to detail.
Responds calmly and efficiently in stressful situations.
Responds politely to difficult or angry customers.
Is capable of multitasking on an ongoing basis.
Demonstrates familiarity with basic Microsoft computer programs.
Possesses excellent phone etiquette.
Has ability to remember names and faces in order to make guests feel particularly welcome.
Is familiar with the specific details of the company’s mission and goals.

Education and Experience
High school diploma of GED preferred.
Experience in customer service field preferred.
Brief customer service training required prior to start date.

Work Environment

Time will be spent at a front desk or concierge station in a lobby.
Typical workdays are 8 hours, but shifts may vary from night to day.
The majority of working hours will be spent interacting with guests and other staff.
Additional time will be spent in an employee office setting.
Light physical activity such as walking and minor lifting is required.

The average salary for a front desk agent is $22,000 per year.
Salaries may reach $30,000 for those who work at elite resorts or hotels.

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