Front Desk Manager Job Description


A front desk manager oversees employees assigned to the front desk and ensures all services provided meet standards of the company. Regardless of handling the front desk of hotels, resorts or offices, front desk managers are responsible for giving the best customer service they could provide.


The main task of a front desk manager is to supervise operations happening at the front-of-house in an office, hotel or other establishments. In hotels, beach resorts and other companies that provide accommodations, front desk managers check for available rooms, monitor status of their guests and work hand-in-hand with reservation managers. They also oversee duties of housekeeping and operations personnel, handle guest reviews, feedback and complaints, evaluate activities in the logbook and provide customer service training for all front desk staff. Front desk managers implement company policies, processes and standards at the front of house, distribute the tasks to each member of the team, approve the list of duties done by the chief receptionist, and set monthly meetings with their staff for updates and organization.

Education and Training Requirements

Most companies do not require formal education with their front desk managers, but look more on the customer service and related previous experiences of an aspiring manager. Some companies would require a high school diploma with relevant work experience, while others prefer to hire front desk managers with a college degree in management or a hospitality-related course.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A front desk manager is expected to be excellent in customer service. Their previous experiences must have a firm foundation in training and managing people. Front desk managers should possess excellent PR and interpersonal skills, and have a genuine passion in communicating with people. They must have excellent oral and written communication skills, have outstanding administrative and computer skills, effective leadership skills and problem-solving skills. They must be patient and knowledgeable on how to handle certain situations like complaints of guests. A front desk manager is also good in multi tasking.

Working Conditions

Front desk managers are not usually found working in the front desks. They are more on the managerial and organizational side of the department. They work with a flexible and irregular time schedule with shifts during weekdays, weekends and even on holidays. Time shifts may change from time to time, particularly when the company is short of workers. Front desk managers work in a fast-paced environment.


The basic pay Front desk managers may receive yearly may depend on the size, location and type of the hotel, restaurant, resort, or office they are working in. Their average annual pay is $40,000. Most front desk managers receive benefits like health and paid leaves.

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