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Strategic Knowledge Manager Job Description


The knowledge manager is responsible for promoting and utilizing the company’s knowledge assets. They work both internally through the company and externally with the company’s capitalist, stakeholder and client. They serve as consultants to promote the oneness of each department of the company. They assess how information will be disseminated to each section in a smooth and systematized process.


One of the basic duties of a knowledge manager is to create joint activities with the knowledge management team and the company partners through workshops, meetings, trainings, etc; strengthens connection to aid information exchange within the systems; gives support to establish unity in the organization; implements new ideas; executes info technology within the company; they design and analyze networks in the computer for easier distribution of information; formulates action plans; manages the team and multi-faceted projects; recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of the company and creates improvement on them; enhances and makes sure that new knowledge are applied in the company’s system; improves and modifies the knowledge management structure of the company.

Education and Training Requirements:

To become a Knowledge Manager, one must have finished a study in Business or Social Science. Some companies would only require a certification in Knowledge management. Moreover, it is important to know the company’s structure and system, hence, an experienced employee in an organization may also acquire this position.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

A knowledge manager is highly motivated and responsible. Knowledge managers are good communicators; they can with no trouble build relationships. One should have strong information about the company’s knowledge assets and must know by heart its system. They can identify concept solutions to every project given to them. Knowledge managers are leaders; they can accept suggestions from the team they work with. They always have the initiative and takes action in activities. Lastly, knowledge managers are analytical.

Working Conditions:

A knowledge manager works closely with a team and the partners of the company; they are most likely in meetings. Also, they are often sent out of the country to work with international partners. They basically work 40 hours in a week but sometimes they may be required to work beyond working hours.


An experienced knowledge manager gets up to $150,000 in a year. Some new employees with this kind of position are paid $90,000 annually. They also get other benefits like health insurance, life insurance and other advantages like vacation and sick leaves which are shouldered and paid by the company.

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