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A park manager carries out different kinds of services in managing a park. He is in charge of the supervision and management of the activities in the park. He is also assigned to lead two or more employees, inmates or residents, and volunteers, in doing the duties assigned to them. A park manager may also perform any related work according to the need.


Duties of a park manager are as follows: supervises, maintains and develops parks; oversees the work of contractors, concessionaires, and vendors; settles contracts and writes grants; establishes the goals and objectives of a park with the aim of providing the best recreational experience to the public while conserving the natural resources; represents the park both on-site and off-site; manages budgetary expenses and give instructions on the procurement of equipment and materials; oversees operations that produce revenues to ensure appropriate and exact accounting of receipts; supervises park contracts and leases; submits reports to agency personnel to inform them about the status of a project; and manages the ecosystem management plan of the park to make sure that the natural, cultural, and historical resources are well protected.

Education and Training Requirements:

A bachelor degree that specializes in park and outdoor recreation, natural resource management or biological sciences is usually required for a park manager position. Some employers also require at least 12 months of work experience in park operation.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

To be a successful park manager, one should posses the following: knowledge of the principles of personnel management; knowledge of the principles of natural conservation; knowledge of safety measures and practices in performing park duties; knowledge of parks laws; ability to organize and manage the work of others; ability to establish and maintain business relationships with the community and other organizations; excellent oral and communication skills; efficiency in completing assignments; ability to work under minimal supervision; ability to train employees; and pays attention to detail.

Working Conditions:

Park managers perform their duties in different kinds of settings—for example, a nature park, a cruise ship, a playground in the middle of an urban village or a summer camp. Most park managers spend their time outdoors and may work in different kinds of weather conditions. Some park managers work around 40 hours a week. However, majority of those who are just entering this field, may work even during nighttime and weekend, with irregular hours and seasonal employment.


The average salary of a park manager is $47,000, which can vary depending on the company, location of the park, industry, experience and benefits.

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