Meticulous Unit Clerk Job Description


The job of a unit clerk involves various administrative and clerical tasks. They work in hospital units to do compilations and filing. They also answer phone calls and communicate the messages to the patients and other med staffs in the hospital. Unit clerks also hold records of the patient in the computer, disseminate mails and other types of deliveries to every patient in their unit and keep track of the attendance of medical and unit staff.


The main responsibility of a unit clerk is to uphold system and organization in the nurse station; they give assistance to the assigned nurses in their unit; regularly checks the files of patients who just discharged from the hospital and secures documents with signatures. Unit clerks are responsible for distributing all necessary forms in different units, processing doctors’ instruction and various forms through a computer system, coordinating with the patient and scheduling their appointments with their doctors. Some unit clerks may also help in providing patient treatments and completing health tests to the different departments in the hospital. They may also serve as secretaries, greeting and directing visitors to the patients’ room; answering, transferring and relaying phone calls; as well as preparing billings.

Education and Training Requirements:

Most hospitals consider hiring experienced and credible unit clerks with no specific degree. They qualify graduates with an experience and knowledge in medical terms. Aspiring unit clerks are highly considered if they have medical trainings or other equivalent relevant requirement. There are also available medical programs in this field that hospitals consider.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

A unit clerk is expected to be outstanding in performing administrative works. They are good in building interpersonal relationships. Unit clerks are very patient and have excellent communication skills since their work require speaking to people. They are well disciplined, responsible and can work effectively with minimum supervision. They have good skills in organization of files, documents and others. And unit clerks are expected to keep confidential information of patients.

Working Conditions:

Unit clerks’ working environment is found the hospitals. Their schedule can be very busy interacting and communicating with patients, medical staffs and doctors. Their work can be stressful because they witness different kinds of situations and illness occurring in the hospitals. Their time shifts change from morning and evening. Unit clerks are also required to work during weekends.


The basic annual salary of a unit clerk is $29,000. This may depend on the geographical location, type and size of the hospital that they are working. Most hospitals give time differential pays for unit clerks that are assigned in a night shift. Their compensation is inclusive of benefits like health and paid leaves and vacations.

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