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Competent Agriculture Manager Job Description


An agriculture manger works in a ranch or farm, supervising daily operations of the business. He/she is responsible for recruiting and managing staff, managing the budget and hands-on farming work.


An agriculture manager plans objectives for the ranch or farm. Tasks of the agriculture managers include developing long and short-term budget goals for the farm, formulating policies and best practices procedures for efficient and safe farming procedures, training farmers and other staff members these guidelines and procedures with the purpose of proper and safe work practices while in compliance with state rules and regulations. Agriculture managers also hire, train guides, supervise all staff and terminate individuals who have proven to be unreliable and unproductive. They are also responsible for purchasing products, machineries, equipment and necessary implements for production, liaising with existing and prospective clients, as well as building and maintaining strong business relationships to ensure customer satisfaction and faithfulness. Sometimes, the agriculture manager may also perform manual labor due to staff shortage or busy seasons. Since modern farms use computer databases, programs and spreadsheets to manage farm operations, agriculture managers must also be able to keep up with new technology. On crop farms, agriculture managers prepare the land, apply fertilizers and spray pesticides to the crops. They also harvest, package, store and then market the crops. Livestock, dairy, and poultry farm managers feed and manage the animals, sheltering them in farmhouses and administering medicines and prophylactics to avoid animal diseases and pests.

Education and Training Requirements

There is no academic requirement to be an agriculture manager. Most farms prefer to hire people with a bachelor’s degree or associate degree in agriculture-related courses. Some employers require agriculture managers to have considerable work experience, while others hire candidates with a mix of related experience and a bachelor or associate degree.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Agriculture managers must possess managerial, organizational, accounting, computer, management and communication skills. They must also have advanced knowledge with mechanical equipments and other agriculture-related machinery.

Working Conditions

Agriculture managers usually work 12 hours a day on crop farms during the planting and harvesting seasons, since they plant next season’s crops one a year. Agriculture managers working on livestock production and dairy farms work throughout the year. Farm work can be hazardous. Farm vehicles and farm other machinery can be dangerous. Safety procedures in handling them are necessary and the same applies when handling chemicals.


An agriculture manager makes $49,000 annually on average. Factors such as size of company, location, nature of the industry, benefits and experience may cause salaries to vary considerably among agriculture managers.

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