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Proactive Animal Care Manager Job Description


Animal care managers are responsible for caring and overseeing animals in a farm, zoo and other facilities. They are responsible for feeding, watering, grooming, training and medicating animals in their care. Not only do animal care managers work with animals, they are also responsible for supervising and coordinating the activities of animal care workers.


Duties of an animal care manager include, but are not limited to assigning workers to daily tasks such as feeding, grooming animals, and cleaning and maintaining their animal headquarters; establishing procedures of animal care and monitoring animal care being done by workers. Other tasks of animal care managers include identifying problems within the shelter and discussing it with other workers, training workers about animal care procedures and safety precautions, planning and budgeting the purchase of animal food and supplies and preparing reports concerning the shelter, employees and treatment of the animals. Some animal care managers also conduct lectures in order to stimulate animal interest, encourage volunteer programs, investigate complaints against animal cruelty and neglect, follow-up on complaints; oversee and examine sick animals; and helping workers with the maintenance and repair shelters.

Education and Training Requirements

Animal care managers must possess a two-year degree related to veterinary and obtain several years of experience taking care of all kinds of animals. Experience in management or supervisory is essential. Desirable qualifications include wildlife knowledge and treating all types of animals.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

An inherent love for animals must be the core value of an animal care manager. Aside from that, knowledge in management is needed in order to handle the entire animal care center. Other essential skills include leadership, instruction and speaking and customer service skills as well as knowledge in medicine and dentistry will became helpful in order to diagnose injuries and irregularities in animals. An animal care manager must have physical strength and stamina.

Working Conditions

Most animal care workers, as well as animal care managers have to clean and maintain animal shelters which mean that it may be an unpleasant environment to work in. They usually work outdoors and in high levels of humidity. As managers, physical work is put to a minimum which means that the manager can work conveniently indoors at a clean workplace area or office. Animal care managers work a typical 40 hour a week schedule which rarely requires overtime shifts.


The salary of an animal care manager is $54,000 which will greatly depend on the institute or foundation, location and experience of the manager. Benefits are also put to a minimum except in cases of registration with government compensations.

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