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Experienced Jewelry Store Manager Job Description


A jewelry store manager is responsible for handling the daily operations and management of the store. His role is to oversee the staffing requirements of the store, deal with customer service issues, prevent theft and handles advertising and promotions of the store.


Duties of a jewelry store manager include assisting and managing the daily operations and activities of the jewelry store, as well as supervising employees with their daily work requirements. The jewelry store manager also plans and prepares work schedules for jewelry store personnel, assigns employees to specific duty requirements of the store, prepares and directs personnel with appropriate merchandise, and provide performance review. He/she is also responsible for storing display as well as advertising copy, performing sales work such as taking inventory, recollecting cash with sales receipts, and maintaining operating records such as records of store transactions. The jewelry store manager also orders merchandise and stock as needed; and ensures personnel comply with established store security level, as well as sales and record keeping procedures and practices.

Education and Training Requirements:

The minimum educational requirement of a jewelry store manager may vary as some employers may even require a potential manager just to hold a high school diploma. Despite the case, employers still prefer managers with college background and degrees. Courses that may be relevant to an aspiring jewelry store manger include retailing, merchandising, management, business, marketing, advertising, communication, liberal arts or a related field. Training programs are also necessary. Some employers usually provide their own training programs for potential managers by starting out as jewelry store personnel.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

Skills such as problem solving and negotiation skills are important for the job as a jewelry store manager. They must possess excellent communication skills to be able to handle reports to top management, handling of store personnel as well as store customers. They must be able to deal with a variety of different people. Being a manager, he must also possess management, administrative and organizational skills. Thorough knowledge of the jewelry industry will serve as an advantage as well.

Working Conditions:

Jewelry store managers are usually found in their respective jewelry stores having a small portion of the store as their office or desk. They usually work a standard 40 hours a week depending on opening hours of the jewelry store. Store managers do not require much travel as they stay conveniently indoors.


The average annual salary of a jewelry store manager is $56,000. Variables that may affect the earnings of a jewelry store manager includes the size, location and prestige of the jewelry store. Experience, level of responsibility as well as education may gainfully increase a jewelry store manager’s salary. Compensation, commission and even bonuses may be applied when they meet or exceeds sales goals.

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