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Accomplished Art Production Manager Job Description


An art production manager oversees various tasks related to different aspects of a production to turn the ideas of a producer into reality. They can find work in TV, film, music videos, gaming and other industries that require production of art-related materials. In order to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness of a production, the art production manager supervises everything from budgeting to taking care of needs of artists and other tasks to make sure everything goes well according to schedule and budget.


In general, the art production manager keeps all tasks in line with production, timeframe and budget. In the gaming industry, an art production manager is essential in implementing the artistic vision while following project specifications, timeline, budget and deadlines. Regardless of industry, an art production manager works with a wide range of professionals from the research and development, editing, quality control and other departments to solve issues that need to be dealt with. The art production manager also meets with different department heads regularly to discuss project improvement. In the entertainment industry, he guarantees that theater, film and television productions maintain every schedule without exceeding budget.

Education and Training Requirements

It is more appropriate to base the qualifications of an art production manger to his experiences rather than to look at his formal education. Most art production managers used to be part of the production staff and worked their way up. Many universities and colleges provide training in the field of various art courses, such as art history, English, social science, crafts, multi-media, graphic design and fine arts that leads to a bachelor’s or master’s degree in fine arts. For those who will specialize in the field of gaming, computer skills and understanding should be developed and continuously enhanced.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

It is ideal for the aspiring art production manager in a gaming industry to have an in-depth perceptive of game development, well versed with a variety of art creation tools, implausible communication skills and keen eye for details. While in the entertainment industry, excellent communication and organizational plus leadership skills, aside from his production experiences this should suffice.

Working Conditions

The work of art production managers usually happen inside studios. They usually have no regular hours of work, but may depend largely on project deadlines. The job can be stressful, but very fulfilling.


An art production manager receives a salary that ranges from $31,000 to 93,000 per year, depending on the experience he has, the industry of his work and the type of projects the company handles.

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