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The responsibility of an air freight manager is to make sure all goods for delivery are in proper order. The air freight manager oversees the delivery of the freights, to their temporary lodging (in this case, an airplane), up until they get to the end user or receiver.


An air freight manager deals with the shipment of their company’s goods from the supplier until it reaches its end point, the receiver. He/she stays informed and is in touch with the logistics manager who tracks the whereabouts of the freight to be delivered. He/she makes sure that he/she is informed in case of any delays, so that he can contact both sender and receiver. He/she works hand in hand with other departments to know of any scheduling changes, freight space shortages, and even customer requests. An air freight manager counts all freights and goods manually, keeps track of it and stores it in a database. They make sure that all freights are weighed and measured and that they are in compliance to the airlines standards. In case of overnight storage, the air freight managers also see to get a place they trust, and that loading and unloading of freights and cargo are done accordingly by experts. They also find the best possible rates and airlines to use to forward freights. Air freight managers continuously try to improve the freight charges by doing research on all existing airlines and prices.

Education and Training Requirements

An air freight manager must have at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing, logistics or any related field. A master’s degree is preferred but not necessarily required. There are courses offered related to this field and associate’s degrees that one can take to better their chances of landing this job.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To be a successful air freight manager, one must be driven, organized and resourceful. He/she must strive for accuracy all the time and have good communication and customer service skills. Knowledge of the different airlines, both local and international will be a great help.

Working Conditions

Air freight management is a round-the-clock job. One who wants to work in this field must be open to shifting schedules and long hours if necessary. An air freight manager does not need to work in an airport. He/she may be working in a freight forwarder’s office.


The average salary for an air freight manager is $44,000 annually. Their average salary is dictated by its industry and location. It differs per company. Usually, the more experience you have, the higher the salary and the more benefits you receive.

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