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Accomplished Airline Manager Job Description

An airline manager is responsible for discussing with the Airline personnel who oversees design certification, installation, test and turn up, maintenance of equipments and other activities involved in the airline’s Maintenance Department. He/she will be assisting in the development and implementation of policies, procedures and practices, while making sure that operating goals are met.

Education/Experience Requirements

A successful candidate must possess a Bachelor’s degree in management with 2-4 years experience in airline operations or other related work.


Excellent written and oral communication skills, advanced knowledge in computers for data input and record keeping, ability to multi-task, handle staff and solve problems; knowledge of more than one language a plus.

Specific work elements

Assigning tasks or activities to staff; ensuring aircraft flight logs and maintenance records are correct; keeping up-to-date with airline technical operations, trends and MRO market status; evaluating or improving practices and procedures required in accomplishing department objectives; evaluating MRO-related projects; identifying plans for cost reduction in engineering and maintenance; providing technical guidance for aircraft installation, maintenance and modification; and managing airline baggage handling systems and operation.

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