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Experienced Airline Operations Manager Job Description


An airline operations manager’s job is to look after both air traffic and ground operations control. They take care of the scheduling and discuss it with the in-flight departments. The airline operations managers handle scheduling of pilot or crew trainings as well as the filing of background checks and medical reports.


Airline operations managers are responsible for looking out for all the operations of the department. An airline operations manager does the interview and hiring of potential staff and crew. He/she makes the schedule for all flights, including schedules of the pilots, flight attendants and the crew. Airline operations managers also oversee the modification done to the airports where their aircrafts are to land. This is for the pilots and crew to be prepared for landing. The airline operations manager must also see to it that all flights comply with the rules, regulations and standards of the FAA. An airline operations manager also involves himself/herself with researching for making their processes better. They research new clients and try to come up with marketing strategies that will help in both developing better airlines as well as getting more business.

Education and Training Requirements

Most airlines require the airline operations managers to have a bachelor’s degree of science in aeronautical science. Some even require them to go through special courses like airline operations. These airline operations managers are trained before they are actually allowed to go on the job.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

In order for one to become a successful airline operations manager, one must be organized and good with keeping tab of all operations such as scheduling and aircraft maintenance. Multi-engine commercial aircraft operation experience will help a lot when you are doing this job. He/she must be computer literate. He/she must have experience working with flight dispatchers, flight operations officers and analysts and other jobs that you might find when working at an airline.

Working Conditions

Airline operations managers can be found working with the military and in airports for commercial aviation. Some of them may work for companies that charter airplanes. Since these places run 24/7 it is inevitable for an airline operations manager to work a day job with a standard 40 hours per week. They usually work in shifts that last more than 8 hours if needed.


The average salary for an airline operations manager is $70,000 annually. Their average salary is dictated by its industry and location. It differs per company. Usually, the more experience you have, the higher the salary and the more benefits you receive.

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