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Efficient Airport Station Manager Job Description


An airport station manager is responsible for directing all customer service staff. He/she is in charge of managing all activities related to airport customer handling. Airport station managers may be employed in large commercial or metropolitan airports with hundreds of flight schedules daily or private airfields with very little activity.


The duties of a station manager include, but are not limited to, establishing staffing levels within the airport station staff, selecting and training airport personnel, developing technical skills of crewmembers and evaluating their performances, encouraging airport station crew to do their jobs as efficient as possible. He/she must ensure all employees in his/her department follow policies, procedures and regulations of airport functions and processes. An airport station manager establishes local service standards that may implemented in the airport ticketing station, directs and controls fiscal activity within the airport ticket station, maintains appearance and condition of the facilities of the airport station and addresses all concerns and questions being raised by customers. Airport station managers may also represent the company at airport management meetings or industry conferences.

Education and Training Requirements

Employers prefer a four-year undergraduate degree in business administration, air transportation or engineering when it comes to the position as airport stations manager. However, most managers are hired for the position after several years of experience in airport operations and management within the company. Experience in customer service management in high-density environments will be an advantage as well.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Leadership skills must be on top of the list when it comes to skills required for an airport stations manager. He must be able to direct and motivate his staff. Communication skills are important as well as he will be constantly dealing with not only his airport station staff members but with top management and customer’s as well. Although airport station managers do not need to be pilots, they must have an understanding about aviation and business management.

Working Conditions

Airport Stations managers must be able to work alone as well as handle a team and crew. They work in clean and modern offices within the airport administration facilities. Part of the duties of an airport station manager is to oversee activities outdoors, which include the runways and boarding areas. A standard 40-hour a week is experienced although night and weekend work may be possible. In emergencies however, airport station managers must be on top of everything being available around the clock.


The salary of an airport station manager largely depends on the size and location of the airport but the average annual salary is $53,000. Benefits of an airport station manager may include paid sick leaves and vacations, life and health insurance as well as retirement plans.

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