Expert Aviation Manager Job Description


An aviation manager handles all the operations of the aviation department. He is responsible of assuring that the department complies with FAA regulations as well as oversees the maintenance, scheduling and safety procedure of the aviation department are done efficiently.


An aviation manager’s typical duties include: the selection and assignment of staff to ensure equal employment opportunities in hiring and promotions; coordination of all activities of the aviation department such as work assignments, and directing of aviation staff subordinates; evaluation and verification of employee performance through thorough reviews of completed work assignments and techniques; identification of staff development and training needs of aviation personnel; assurance that proper labor relations and conditions are followed; maintenance of records and reports relative to the aviation department; assurance that the aviation departments confer with federal, state and local government laws; provides advisory service to governing bodies if necessary; direction and participation of public information programs concerning aviation programs; reviewing of aircraft accident reports and addressing the problems related to them; and determination of aviation safety and enforcement needs.

Education and Training Requirements

An aviation manager must have a bachelor’s degree with a specialty in relation to aviation procedures. They must also have at least seven years of extensive experience in the field of aviation or related industry in order to gain familiarly with the field’s practices procedures and concepts. Some employers may require at least four year of fulltime experience as a certified flight instructor, airport manager or air traffic controller as an alternative. Most importantly, an aviation manager must possess a current pilot’s license.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Thorough knowledge of operations, repairs and navigation of aircrafts and air fact engines are necessary of an aviation manager. He must be familiar with all law, rules and regulations as well as safety requirements regarding aircraft procedures and management. In order to manage the aviation department, an aviation manager must possess supervisory and managerial techniques. He must be able to communicate with others effectively and must maintain good customer and top management relations.

Working Conditions

Aviation managers usually work a typical 40 hours a week and may need to work the occasional overtime if required. They work conveniently in office environment found in airbase facilities. Some travel may also be necessary of them.


The average annual salary of an aviation manager is $65,000. These salaries can significantly increase depending on the educational attainment, significant experience and training of an aspiring aviation manager. Other factors that may affect the salary of an aviation manager include the company location as well as the size of the company the aviation manager is involved in.

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