Accomplished Bank Manager Job Description


A bank manager’s main responsibility is to ensure the overall smooth operation of the branch or branches he or she is handling. He or she works on acquiring more clients to raise revenue for the company. The bank manager also directly communicates with the customers, his staff, the higher officials of the company and various agencies and organizations concerned with the banking industry.


A bank manager is required to oversee the operations of one branch or several bank branches. They get new clients and increase profits for the company, which may include various tasks such as developing goals and achieving them, keeping a staff that is constantly motivated to work harder and maintaining the good name of a competent bank with happy, satisfied customers. Bank managers are also asked to do management-related assessments and reports, which are to be further evaluated and given to various branches and the head office. Other tasks include working with different agencies within the financial industry.

Education and Training Requirements

A bank manager is required to have a degree in a preparatory program such as Accountancy, Marketing, Management, Economics, Commerce, Math or anything similar to these. On-the-job trainings for exposure are highly recommended although most banks have their own management training programs for their employees too. A master’s degree can also be obtained while working for the bank.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A bank manager should be knowledgeable and updated with the economy at all times. Management experience in the financial sector is ideal for people applying for this position. He or she must be a problem-solver who knows how to get the staff motivated to reach goals in sales, marketing and IT. As leaders, bank managers must serve as honest and fair team players who can easily adapt to changes. Dealing with customers, business partners and competitors regularly, the bank manager must possess strong communication skills.

Working Conditions

Bank managers work at the usual banking hours of Monday to Friday from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. If the bank branch is open on Saturdays, the manager would be required to go to work as well. They are often found in a private office within bank premises but sometimes are out on client meetings. Some bank managers travel between branches if they handle two or more bank branches. Formal business wear is the daily attire. Some banks require their managers to have a driver’s license.


Bank managers earn an annual income of $55,000 on the average. Factors that could affect this pay rate include bank location, situation of the economy, number of branches to supervise, as well as experience of the job seeker.

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