Accounts Receivable Manager Job Description

The job of an Accounts Receivable Manager involves supervising workers that mail proper invoicing to customers who owe money to a company for services or goods. These managers oversee customer payment records, produce regular detailed reports of payments received and what accounts are outstanding. They often report to operational managers and the company’s executive board.

Education/Experience Requirements

A successful candidate must possess at least an associate’s degree in accounting, book-keeping or other related fields. Some employers might hire managers with only a high school diploma, but with at least 5 years of experience as accounts receivable clerks or in credit and collections.


Excellent skills in math, strong written and verbal communication skills, ability to create and interpret financial reports, organizational and people skills, proven managerial skills, solid knowledge in computer programs (such as spreadsheets and word-processing applications) used in billing, accounting and customer databases.

Specific work elements

Managing and coordinating activities involved in ensuring accurate accounts receivables in a department or company, which include tasks like updating billing records, solving invoice errors, processing final billings, granting or controlling credit and collecting accounts due, investigating credit standing of new clients and arranging terms of payments, determining amount of credit to be extended and conducting studies, among others.

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