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Experienced Book Store Manager Job Description


A bookstore manager is responsible for the overall operation of a bookstore. He or she oversees store operations, leads and guides the employees on what to do and makes sure that the customers are attended to at all times. A bookstore manager also acts as the connecting arm between the company heads and its employees.


A bookstore manager is the overseer of the entire store, which includes all the work that goes on inside and the tasks of its employees. In particular, a bookstore manager does the hiring of competent bookstore workers, then train and develop these people to become quality employees. Bookstore managers also guarantee that store profit goals are met through financial costs management and sales administration. Floor supervision is another responsibility bookstore managers have, ensuring customers are well attended to and satisfied. Bookstore managers are usually the ones to handle customer complaints. Other tasks include analyzing incoming data, ensuring competency of the store and acting as intermediary between the company and other employees.

Education and Training Requirements

Employers prefer bookstore managers to possess a bachelor’s degree and previous management experience from their previous jobs. Some companies also have their managers enhance their leadership skills through on-the-job trainings. Handling pressure and working long hours are also part of being a bookstore manager.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Heading a bookstore is a taxing responsibility that requires the manager to have excellent organizational skills. This person must also be a good problem-solver and can encourage employees to work hard to produce results and attain company goals and sales targets. Since the bookstore manager handles a group of people, he/she must take initiatives and find ways to make tasks as efficient as possible. Being a people person is also of utmost importance to bookstore managers, as they directly communicate with both employees and customers. A basic computer skill is also necessary.

Working Conditions

Bookstore managers directly interact with both the employees and the customers. They are part of the decision making process at all levels thus compelling them to work at regular operating hours of the store. They often times have to extend until the evening and even on weekends to accommodate and complete all necessary tasks required of them.


On the average, bookstore managers receive an annual salary of $34,000. Store location and the current situation of the industry affect salary amount, as well on the company, the experience the manager has and the benefits provided for with the job.

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