Efficient Bookkeeper Office Manager Job Description


Bookkeeper Office Managers, who are also called Office Administrators, carry out administrative tasks to ensure the office runs smoothly on a daily basis. Their task includes doing basic bookkeeping and administrative, IT-related, and financial activities. They take care of time-consuming responsibilities, so that everyone else could concentrate on getting their jobs done. The nature of a bookkeeper office manager’s work differs greatly across organizations, and job titles vary.


A Bookkeeper Office Manager’s tasks may include supervising all office needs, and serving as a front line for visitors and phone calls; supervising an Administrative Assistant; reordering department supplies; and updating mail and phone directories to be made available for all staff. Bookkeeper office managers are also responsible for analyzing workflow to help create the appropriate infrastructure for the organization by observing the needs and making suggestions for potential changes; making travel arrangements for the staff when needed. They are also in charge of managing calendars and scheduling appointments, coordinating event planning activities; screening incoming calls and emails, responding independently when possible; and making logistical arrangements for meetings. They also manage an efficient message system; prepare correspondences from dictation; revise contracts and documents; manage finances, including accounts receivable and payables; and keep track of invoices and make sure there are no duplicate charges.

Education and Training Requirements

There is no specific college degree required to become a Bookkeeper. Most employers value a bachelor’s degree, although smaller companies consider candidates with a high school diploma and equivalent training. Suggested college courses would vary depending on the industry they would want to specialize in. For example, those who intend to work in a business office would benefit from taking up courses in accounting, and record keeping, while those who wish to work in a dental office can study dental anatomy and clinical science courses.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A Bookkeeper Office Manager must be proficient in the use of computers and related software such as MS Word, MS Excel, and QuickBooks. They must be extremely organized, detail-oriented, efficient, and highly analytical, with strong written and verbal communication skills. Knowledge in billing, human resource systems, and bookkeeping principles are also necessary.

Working Conditions

Bookkeeper Office Managers follow typical office hours from Mondays to Fridays, although overtime may be necessary to meet deadlines. They are normally required to report for work 40 hours per week. The job often requires frequent use of the computer and telephone in a clean, well-lit, and clean environment.


The median salary of a Bookkeeper Office Manager is $46,000 per year. This varies greatly depending on the size of the company, range of functions, location, industry involved in, experience, and benefits. Benefits received often include health insurance, paid sick and vacation days, pension, and training allowances.

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