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Experienced Alliance Manager Job Description


An alliance manager is responsible for adding value to a company by extending its accounts to company partners. Relationships with these partners must remain well managed and mutually beneficial to both companies. The main objective of an alliance manager is to increase long-term revenue as well as performance of the company.


An alliance manger must be able to develop and maintain broad and deep external partner relations with company partners in all solutions areas; is knowledgeable of the partner’s propositions, their markets, business challenges and customer opportunities; ensures partner account of the vision, strategies and capabilities of the alliance; maintains updates to the partner of the latest developments of their alliance account; provides feedback to the partners if needed; develops and executes attainable and strategy plans with the market needs; builds multi-level relationships with its partners including those in the executive level; produces high-quality leads through constant engagements with partners in terms of marketing strategies; and coordinates with internal resources to launch partner sales planning efforts of the company.

Education and Training Requirements

A bachelor’s degree is required of an alliance manager, but most employers prefer those with an MBA or other advanced degree. Some companies look for people with at least five to ten years of demonstrated experience working in large and complex projects.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Alliance managers must have a passion for sales and technology. His drive must come from the willingness to the help the company’s growth. He must have exceptional communications skills as it will be the core of his career. He must know how to build relationships as well know how to maintain them. He must be disciplined in working with people as well as be culturally sensitive in dealing with them. Knowing another language especially when it comes to handling international accounts will look impressive on a resume. He must be tough-skinned and not take things on a personal level.

Working Conditions

Alliance mangers usually work in a clean, pleasant, well-lit and well ventilated area. Modern offices may also be the case as alliance managers usually are employed by large and complex corporations with big budgets. Aside from being in an office environment, travel may be necessary as the alliance manager will have scheduled meetings with its company partners all day. International travel may also be possible if the company partner is abroad. A standard 40 hour a week is typical of alliance managers but overtime may be required when deadlines need to be met.


The salary of an alliance manager will depend on the size and location of the company but it will average an annual $73,000. Benefits and compensations will depend on the experience and employer of the manager.

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