Dedicated Sourcing Manager Cover Letter Example


The assistant operations manager has a huge responsibility in a business or an organization. He/she helps the manager in devising plans that will be useful to the business’ success. The assistant operations manager makes sure that the company uses those plans and puts them into action. He/she assists in the production, sales and pricing and the distribution of the products being sold by their company. He/she is also in charge of calling the logistics office or department to be able to ship their goods from the manufacturers to the buyers.


The assistant operations manager’s main task is to assist the operations manager in creating the employees work schedules and assigning their daily tasks. The assistant operations manager interviews potential employees before directing them to the manager. H He/she may be responsible for helping the manager train the new hires, and assisting in their getting accustomed to their new job. He/she also helps in the decision-making when it comes to the activities done in the office, such as production, the resale and the allocation of sources. Under the manager’s supervision, the assistant operations manager coordinates with the different departments in their organization to ensure that all tasks executed are of best quality. Sometimes, the assistant operations manager may be responsible for completing paperwork related to employees’ attendance, performance and their payrolls. He/she may also assist during meetings with clients.

Education and Training Requirements

An assistant operations manager must possess a high school diploma. However, some employers prefer those with a bachelor’s degree in management operations, business administration and other management-related fields. Since the position is not upper-management, an employer may hire those with a high school diploma with a few years experience.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To become a successful assistant operations manager, one must be able to take directions and follow them accordingly. He must be a team player who has the potential to lead the team. An assistant operations manager must have good communication skills, organizational skills, leadership and interpersonal skills, advanced computer skills and analytical skills. He/she should be driven and goal-oriented.

Working Conditions

An assistant operations manager works on his desk at least 8 hours daily, during weekdays. He may need to accompany the operations manager in meetings and seminars if he isn’t tasked to look after the company in behalf of the manager.


The average salary for an assistant operations manager is $47,000 annually. Their average salary is dictated by its industry and location. It differs per company. Usually, the more experience you have, the higher the salary and the more benefits you receive.

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