Strategic Project Director Job Description

Project Director Job Description

A project director is responsible for overseeing workers in various departments who are assigned certain tasks to complete for a given project. The job description of a project director will involve creating schedules and following up with workers to ensure that each phase of a project proceeds as planned.

Position Description:

A project manager supervises other department heads in carrying out certain projects, and keeps upper management personnel informed as to how a particular plan is progressing.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Project Director

  • Coordinates the efforts of various workers in order to ensure that required tasks can be accomplished
  • Develops a timeline for the completion of certain milestones for a given project
  • Creates a budget for the completion of a particular job, and monitors the amount of money spent in order to ensure the project does not exceed this amount
  • Recommends changes to a project that is ongoing if it appears it is not proceeding on schedule or is producing unsatisfactory results
  • Develops an alternate course of action for completing a job should the initial plan fail
  • Makes presentations to investors, business partners and company executives concerning different phases of a project
  • Reviews proposals and approves or denies them
  • Contracts with outside agencies for support on an as-needed basis

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Is able to foster a sense of team spirit within different departments
  • Communicates well and relays information in a timely manner
  • Has good budgeting skills and is able to reduce costs without making adjustments that would affect quality
  • Knows what is required in order for a particular project to be completed, and has realistic expectations as far as meeting deadlines go
  • Possesses good math skills, and can make accurate calculations quickly and easily
  • Has good leadership and supervisory skills

Education and Experience

Project directors should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in business, economics or communications. Those who work in highly technical fields may need a degree in that particular discipline instead. It can be helpful to have between two and five years of experience in a given industry before becoming a project director, preferably in a supervisory position.

Work Environment

Project directors can work in office settings, factories, or in a field environment, as is often the case when managing construction, rigging or agricultural projects. They may spend around half of their time traveling to remote locations to check on the status of operations. A great deal of time may be spent standing and walking, and these individuals can frequently be exposed to the elements as well. These are normally salaried positions that require anywhere from 50 to 60 hours of work per week, which can include nights and weekends.


The salary of a project director can be anywhere from $50,240 to $150,250 per year, with the median annual wage being approximately $83,860. Fortune 500 companies and firms that deal with the latest technology pay more than construction, manufacturing, or agricultural businesses do.

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