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Versatile Casino Manager Job Description


A casino manager is responsible for creating a system wherein customers win often enough to return investments, while ensuring that the casino makes enough profits. He/she is responsible for ensuring that all games are played according to government regulations as well as handling complaints from gaming customers. Casino hotels and restaurants usually employ casino managers.


A cash manager’s duties include ensures that the casino operates under government regulations; keeps up to date with the changes in regulations; monitors casino’s finances and ensures the casino is making profit; handles gaming customer’s complaints and comments; monitors the casino’s gaming floor area; circulates among gaming tables to guarantee that operations run smoothly and efficiently; hires and fires casino staff; enforces security if necessary; assure that the “high rollers” are satisfied with their services; directs the allocation of complimentary hotel rooms, meals and services to their most loyal gaming clients; maintains familiarity with all games in the casino as well as its strategies and tricks in playing; monitors staffing levels making sure that all game tables are staffed on each shift; prepares work schedules and assignments; tracks and reviews operational expenses and budget estimates of the casino; and removes suspected cheaters in the gaming area.

Education and Training Requirements

Most casino managers have a bachelor’s degree in hotel management, finance or an accounting related field. A number of casino managers start off as dealers and worked their way up to management positions. Others work in the financial divisions of the casino as well. Some casinos require a license from a gaming or gambling control commission. Most importantly, casino employer’s hire managers with previous management experience.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A casino manager must have good people skills as well as excellent management and customer service skills. He must be knowledgeable in mathematical operations as well. He must be able to handle stress well as long hours and dealing with people is a huge part of his managerial job.

Working Conditions

Casino managers deal with long and odd work hours with a 60 hour a week schedule as these establishments are open 24 hours a day. They also work during the busiest casino peak hours which are usually at night, during holidays and weekends. They may constantly be roaming around the casino floor areas or may be stationed comfortably in their offices.


The location and size of the casino largely determines a casino manager’s salary. However, the average annual amount in this field is $49,000. A Las Vegas casino manager will definitely make a significant amount of money compared to a lesser known location casino.

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