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Compassionate Babysitter Job Description


A babysitter is someone who takes care of children whenever their parents are not around. The parents hire the sitters they trust to be responsible for their children while they are out of the house. Since a babysitter serves as the guardian during the parents’ absence with the lives of someone else’s kids in his/her hands, he/she should have a strong sense of responsibility.


Babysitter normally watches over the family children while the parents are not home for a couple of hours. A babysitter may be required to look for way to entertain or engage the kids and supply food or bite for the children. A babysitter should follow through the family’s bedtime schedule. The babysitter also enforces house rules set by the parents. The key to become a successful babysitter is to maintain the safety of children and provide entertain that does not involve watching of TV or movies for the children. A creative babysitter will definitely stand out. A babysitter should know the numbers and ages of the children they are looking after, any particular need and the phone number of the parents in case of emergency situations.

Education and Training Requirements

Babysitter should have a training course in Red Cross and other courses. To get ahead, they should have knowledge of basic first aid techniques. This training will help a babysitter have self-confidence so that she will stay calm around kids. Other courses that are offered by the Red Cross are certifications in CRP and infant CPR, which a babysitter should also have.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Babysitter should be a responsible person. They are in charge of the lives of the kids they are looking after. They know how to deal with children and build rapport toward them. A good babysitter is patience in dealing with kids. Sometimes they are very touch to handle when the parents are gone.

Working Conditions

A Babysitter work is freelance and part time. At times, they are being recommended from one family to another. The work may sometimes be stressful because of the kids. The work is usually evenings and weekends. A babysitter, when at the job, stays in the family’s home. They are sometime allowed to prepare meals for the children and her.


A Babysitter may receive an average pay of $23,000, but it may vary depending on the experience and if the babysitter is part of a company or works freelance. Those who work with companies may receive benefits and commissions, while freelance babysitters usually receive a per-hour or per-day rate.

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