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Efficient Caretaker Job Description

The job of a Caretaker involves watching over and taking care of properties owned by other people, such as private residences, farms, ranches, motels, hotels, bed and breakfast inns, schools, and churches, among others. The job depends largely on a case-to-case basis and may involve duties such as general cleaning and maintenance of schools or churches, tending to livestock, registering guests, or other tasks. Some caretaking work are offered long-term, such as estate owners who only spend a few weeks on their properties, or short-term, such as those who plan to go away on a vacation.

Education/Experience Requirements

Caretaking has no specific educational requirements, but most clients and employees require at least a high school diploma with relevant caretaking experience. Caretakers should also have a clean employment and criminal record.


Strong mechanical aptitude, organizational and cleaning skills, ability to perform manual labor, excellent interpersonal skills and multi-tasking skills. The caretaker should also be able to tolerate living alone in another person’s property for extended periods of time, but some employers allow married couples to take care of large properties, such as farms.

Specific work elements

Communicating with clients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to report on the status of properties, cleaning and maintaining the property, supervising or training a caretaking staff, performing ground maintenance such as removal of garbage and snow, operating machinery used in caretaking and performing other duties as assigned.

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