Day Care Provider Job Description


A day care provider is also known as a child care worker. They provide childcare for toddlers and kids who need supervision before or after class. Day care providers work in different types of small institutions such as a nursery, preschool and even homes. Their main task is to give care to children while their parents are away.


The basic responsibilities and duties of a day care provider include making sure that children are given proper safety and security while they are under their administration and providing children with learning activities that will help them grow emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically. Day care providers aid in promoting and enhancing children’s talents and skills, building and developing a child’s confidence, encouraging children to be friendly and have good relationships while they’re young, and creating programs that will make a child live in balance. Day care providers are also responsible of training the children to be ready for the coming stages of their childhood.

Education and Training Requirements

To acquire a career as a day care provider, one must have trainings and educational background on early childhood education. Institutions like schools, nurseries and others require a bachelor’s degree in the said field, while day care providers who choose to work for families and homes are not required of this kind of education.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A day care provider is expected to be very patient and passionate about children. They must be knowledgeable about safety cares that they can provide the kids. They must know applicable and safe activities for them. A day care provider must possess an excellent communication, logical and managerial skills. They are good decision makers and can manage their time well. They are very effective in multi-tasking and can work efficiently with minimum supervision. A day care provider must be trustworthy and honest at all times. They are expected to be compassionate and sensitive to child’s emotions. Day care providers are very flexible and can manage stress.

Working Conditions

The demands in the work of a day care provider are very flexible and hectic. Their working hours may depend on the schedule of the children’s parents. Some who are working in schools are to work during only on school days and others work year-round.


A day care provider receives a basic salary of $40,000 in a year. This may depend on the size, location and type of the institution or company they are working in. A day care provider may receive benefits like health care, life plan and paid vacation inclusive of their annual basic compensation.

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