Daycare Director Job Description


Daycare directors supervise all day-to-day tasks of employees in a childcare facility for nursery children. They are usually teachers promoted to be directors in the facility. Larger day care centers usually recruit assistant directors from the existing staff.


The daycare director performs various administrative duties involved in operating a daycare facility. He is responsible for processing enrollments, recording attendance, as well as health and safety checklists, purchasing supplies, storing invoices and billing records. He also maintains and updates students’ files, which may include personal information, parent or guardian contact numbers, and other daycare records. Sometimes, daycare directors take care of menu preparation, lunches or school snacks while considering government guidelines. Daycare directors are also the ones to hire, train, manage and fire instructors, teacher assistants, interns, kitchen employees, bus drivers or other staff members. The daycare director also creates shifting and task schedules of staff members and ensures school guidelines for student to teacher ratios are applied. He is the one who conducts appraisals of teachers, assessing their performance inside the classroom and their interaction with students. He develops, implements and oversees the daycare’s curriculum and lesson plans of teachers. The daycare director also determines the curriculum to use throughout the daycare, provides necessary training programs for staff members and serves as a substitute teacher when no other teachers are available. Sometimes, the daycare director works as a regular teacher on top of performing various administrative tasks. He also meets and communicates with parents about student issues such as behavioral or learning problems and other daycare-related concerns, which may include child safety, policies, curriculum or fees.

Education and Training Requirements

It is rare to see daycare directors who have no postgraduate education. They are either master degree holders or PhDs.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To become successful in this field, the daycare director must possess strong communication skills, multi tasking and organizational skills, leadership and interpersonal skills, excellent teaching skills and basic computer skills. The director must also be extremely patient and fair when it comes to dealing with children.

Working Conditions

The daycare director usually works in a clean and well-lit facility. Stress is a common experience due to the myriad of responsibilities daycare directors are tasked to do.


A daycare director makes $53,000 annually on average. Factors such as size of company, location, nature of the industry, benefits and experience may cause salaries to vary considerably among daycare directors.

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