Versatile Accreditation Manager Job Description

The job of an Accreditation Manager depends largely on the industry he/she plans to work in. These managers can be seen in various industries such as government, health care and education agencies, which are regulated by local, state and federal laws. The task of an accreditation manager is to maintain a vast knowledge of these principles and guidelines, implementing them in an organization and providing education to employees.

Education/Experience Requirements

A successful candidate must possess a high school diploma and at least five years experience working in an accreditation department of a specific industry. For larger companies and highly-specialized industries, a four-year degree may be required. This is usually required when working for an institution that accredits universities or a government agency that accredits police officials. Additional training may also be required from other industries.


Exceptional writing and verbal communication skills, ability to analyze facts and exercise sound judgment needed in arriving at recommendations, handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines, work independently and as part of a team; vast knowledge in principles and practices of local, state and national laws related to the industry.

Specific work elements

Auditing programs, services or offerings of an agency or institution and evaluating compliance using a checklist of requirements; informing management of any deficiencies after performing a detailed audit and making practical recommendations for improvements; and educating clients, employers and subordinates on matters related to accreditation requirements that govern their industry.

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