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Expert Application Manager Job Description


The application manager oversees the implementation of software applications in a company’s computer and network systems. He/she is also responsible for software and systems upgrades. Also known as IT Application Managers, application managers direct network and hardware installations.


The fundamental task of the application manager is determining whether the computer systems in the company are sufficient for their business requirements. It is the application manager’s duty to know what business aspects of the company are in need of upgrades. He/she analyzes the impact of applying data systems to the areas of concern and from there, provide recommendations on whether to upgrade to a different or same system or not. The application manager deals with local area networks, desktop applications and computer security. He installs and maintains routers, generates email addresses, creates and resets passwords and creates backups. He also trains staff on proper use of systems and conducts orientation seminars for these. The application manager creates, executes and maintains databases for the company. He creates and designs the company’s website, makes it user-friendly and maintains it. He creates manuals and publishes guidelines for proper use of the systems. In short, the application manager’s main goal is to maximize productivity of the company through the right use of computer applications.

Education and Training Requirements

A bachelor’s degree is needed; however, many employers prefer a graduate degree in areas like business with a technology background or a master of science in management information systems. No certification is required to work.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A broad knowledge of computer networking, installation and administration of networks; analytical and communication skills are required skills for this job. The application manager needs to have an extensive knowledge of computer networking, its installation and administration. He needs to have computer troubleshooting expertise and extensive knowledge about viruses and the appropriate methods and programs to use in removing them from the system and keeping it from reoccurring.

Working Conditions

Application managers generally work in a well-lighted comfortable office environment. They work regular hours but may need to work long hours due to systems malfunctions or viruses in the system. That may entail evening, weekend or holiday work. Work may be stressful due to emergencies. Traveling is done to meet with offer application managers and clients. Some work are done in computer labs.


The compensation of an application manager is around $60,000 per year, but different factors like company location, type of industry, experience and benefits included may cause salaries to vary largely.

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