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Efficient Application Support Manager Job Description


The application support manager is responsible for the overall software needs of the company. Software includes network and computer applications. He analyzes networking needs, recommends systems for purchase, purchases the hardware and applications, configures the system, installs the software, tests the system, implements the system to the whole company and maintains system integrity. He recommends firewalls and antivirus software and installs them after purchase and tests these applications to see if any driver and hardware conflicts arise, makes the necessary modifications. He cooperates with IT professionals to make sure the whole system is well maintained.


The application support manager assesses the company’s present data systems. He gives recommendations on how to maximize productivity by upgrading to newer and more versatile applications. He interviews users in each company department and analyzes their processing needs. The application support manager then makes recommendations on the proper software applications each user needs based on his broad knowledge of software applications and present these recommendations to the purchasing officer. He purchases them and tests each application. If the applications cater to the users needs, an application support manager installs the software and trains the user on their proper use. Other tasks of an application support manager include upgrading outdated systems, assisting in setting up networking systems for the company, as well as purchasing hardware like routers and local area networks (LANS) and software apps for networking. Some application support managers orient workers on the functions of the applications and their proper use. They publish manuals and guidelines for them, create emails for employees, as well as create backup systems in case of system failure so that data will always be retrieved and stored.

Education and Training Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, Information Technology or a related field is needed to become an application support manager. Most employers prefer those with a master’s degree or extensive work experience as part of an application support team. Certification and licensing is not a requirement for most companies but is desirable.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Knowledge of software applications is necessary as well as communication and analytical skills.

Working Conditions

A well-lighted, comfortable and quiet office environment is the workplace of an application support manager. They work regular hours but overtime work may be needed for emergencies. Traveling may be required to attend meetings with fellow application support managers and with vendors. Some work may e=be done in a computer laboratory setting.


An application support manager makes $60,000 annually on average. Factors such as size of company, location, nature of the industry, benefits and experience may cause salaries to vary considerably among application support managers.

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