Game Tester Job Description


A game tester job is one that is sought after by the millions of gamers all over the world. They work hand in hand with the programmers and developers of these video games. Their main job is to test new video games for bugs and glitches. They also rate how enjoyable a game is to ensure the public will enjoy the game.


Game testers are usually just normal people who enjoy playing a wide variety of video games. They are hired by video game companies to test if the video games created can be played the way they are supposed to be played. They point out the errors they see, as well as all the bugs and glitches. Game testers also test if everything works well without lagging or slowing down. They critique a game’s type, layout, animation, design, color and sound. They make sure that the games that are made aren’t just playable, but they should be fun for the consumers. Game testers provide the video game companies with suggestions that can help modify the game to be a better one.

Education and Training Requirements

A game tester does not have to have a bachelor’s degree nor a master’s degree. Most gaming companies require a tester to be at least 18. This may vary per company. They need to have an extensive knowledge on video games, both past and present. They shouldn’t just enjoy video games, but they should be able to critic them.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A game tester needs to have experience in playing simulation, role playing, racing and adventure games. He must be skilled in surpassing levels. He must be patient, as he will have to go through the games many times using different techniques. A game tester must be analytical and must find it easy to solve problems. This way, it won’t be hard for him to get through to the next level of the game.

Working Conditions

A game tester’s work hours vary. There are just a few full time game testers around. Most of them are hired per project, on an hourly basis. This may or may not be a full time job, depending on what the game tester wants. They work in the company’s game room but may be allowed to bring certain games home.


The average salary for a game tester is $27,000 annually. Their average salary is dictated by its industry and location. It differs per company. Usually, the more experience you have, the higher the salary and the more benefits you receive.

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