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Accomplished Software Development Manager Job Description


A software development manager plans, directs, and coordinates all activities related to writing software programs. He must be familiar with all the policies, procedures and technical issues related to software programming. The software development manager is the “go to” man when it comes to software developers. He is also in charge of managing the activities of the software developing team of a company or specific project.


A software development manager manages all the activities of the software development group; sets attainable goals to team members in order for the project to be finished on time; provides guidance to team members to encourage work productivity; makes sure the timeline is followed by the software development group; manages multiple projects at once; ensures appropriate procedures and processes are followed when it comes to software development; represents the software department in meetings; participates in design control activities; monitors, evaluates and ensures the completion of tasks and projects; analyzes software requirements; implements design plans, reviews unit tests; documents software development; monitors status of developing software; writes, reviews and revises product requirements and specifications; participates in other areas of the software development process; and provides technical support to other company personnel.

Education and Training Requirements:

A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering or a related discipline is required of a software development manager. Employers prefer managers who have gained much experience in the industry as the job requires extensive training. Software mangers usually have gained their position through company loyalty from being software developers of the same company. With this kind of loyalty, the employer is assured of the capabilities of the manger as well as the assurance that the manager is familiar with the processes and procedures of the company’s software development unit.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

A successful software development manager must have excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills. He must also be familiar with a variety of programming languages, codes and processes. He must possess exceptional troubleshooting skills and be able to assess quickly complex programming applications. Technology may require software development managers to keep up to date with the latest development software.

Working Conditions:

Working conditions of a software development manager usually revolve around having flexible schedules. Collaborating with different clients worldwide is also possible so there is a possibility of working in unusual hours due to the different time zones. Aside from the occasional travel, managers usually have their own office in a clean and pleasant environment.


A software development manager has an annual average salary of $73,000 which varies depending on the company’s location, and industry. Benefits may depend on the employer and significant experience in the field may also contribute to the increase in salary.

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