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Skilled Video Game Tester Job Description


Video game testers are experts who test video games to detect bugs and errors in different levels of the game. They work alongside game designers and programmers to ensure a game works flawlessly before they send the game out to the market. Video game testers play an important role in the industry of gaming.


While the game is still under the development period, video game testers make list of the bugs and glitches of the game as they play it. They give the best gaming experience to those who would buy the game. Video game testers perform the quality assurance part of the video game industry by focusing on the game details to effectively document and any glitches or bugs. Video games testers are also required to play the game and attempt to go to locations unanticipated by the designers.

Education and Training Requirements:

Although there are companies who prefer a Bachelor’s degree for the position, others hire those who have the same technical capabilities as their general consumer. Psychology and computer science courses will also come in handy in becoming a video game tester especially if you are interested in advancement. Also, there are schools specializing solely in the study of digital entertainment such as Gaming, Game Testing, and Test Management and DigiPen.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

Video game testers need to very observant along with good analytical and logical reasoning abilities. Strong oral and written communication skills will also be very helpful in properly performing the tasks. They should be focused and must have an eye for details to site all errors present on a certain game they are working on. Lastly, enthusiasm and patience is very important in the position for it may be repetitive.

Working Conditions:

Video game testers often work in game development office. The job can be a lot of fun. However, it can also be very monotonous. They have to render long hours as well as night and weekends especially during deadlines. At the early stage of the game development, video game testers renders the usual 40 hours a week. The working hours drastically change as the game reaches its completion.


The salary of a video game tester ranges from $40 to $150 an hour. As you gain more experience the compensation also increases. Video game testers employed in large companies enjoy normal employee benefits such as paid leaves and vacations.

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