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Dependable General Contractor Job Description


General contractors are also known as construction managers. They plan, organize and work on projects that are related to production and construction. They oversee the construction process and its progress. They usually work in home constructions, buildings, hospitals, condominiums and offices. Some general contractors manage the whole construction process, but others only manage specific parts if the project is quite large.


General contractors usually come in pairs, or at least 2-3 people. Most of these jobs are too complex for just a single person to oversee it. General contractors specialize in different production processes. They interview and hire potential staff members, and train them to ensure the success of the project. They make sure that each person carries out their individual roles in order to make the project cost-effective, and finish it in a timely manner. They also oversee and devise ways on getting the supplies to the construction site the fastest and cheapest way possible. The same goes for their workers. They make sure that the project they are handling follows the regulations of the location and state. They make sure that their buildings meet the requirements their clients have. They also coordinate with their clients, their workers as well as logistics to make sure that they stick to the timeframe given.

Education and Training Requirements

One must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering to be able to apply as a general contractor. Those with master’s degree in the same, or any related field are preferred. Those vying for the position need to have a degree in civil engineering or construction management. Those who have no experience need to work up the ladder by being assistants first.

Those with a 2-year degree can apply as long as they have a few years work experience with construction. They may need to pass an exam that may be required by the state they are in.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To become a successful general contractor, one must be a leader with good attention to detail. He must be a hard worker who can work under pressure. He must know the regulations and the laws, as well as the permits needed to build the infrastructures.

Working Conditions

A general contractor does not work the standard 40 hours a week. He usually works long hours during projects, especially when they are nearing the deadline. They usually work in construction sites that are usually in commercial areas.


The average salary for a general contractor is $58,000 annually. Their average salary is dictated by its industry and location. It differs per company. Usually, the more experience you have, the higher the salary and the more benefits you receive.

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